Character breakdown – Dan

Caucasian 30-35 years old
Slim, similar height to Mary, his date, short dark brown
hair, well groomed and closely shaved, no facial hair.
Dan is wearing a light gray coloured shirt with sleeves
rolled up, dark office trousers and black dressed shoes. He
is casually carrying a dark coloured blazer over his left
shoulder when they approach the bench.
It could be Dan’s first experience of an older woman. Dan is
a player but this is new territory as he’s fascinated by her
age and her looks. Dan is especially intrigued by and eager
to discover the scar located between her breasts that was
left after a heart transplant surgery. She told him on a
previous date that her heart belongs to someone she refers
to as “Daddy”.
This short story is set on their second date and Dan
ultimate motive is to spend the night with Mary and swipe
her off her feet with his poetry.