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RED blood spilled from children

trying to earn an education.

WHITE male supremacy running this “free”

country telling us what to do with our bodies.

BLUE uniforms roaming the streets using

their weapons instead of their authority.

BLACK as night, with little hope of light,

will I be safe in my own bed tonight?

I pledge allegiance to a flag that holds

my body captive in a country that plays history on repeat

allowing guns in the streets where children play innocently.

I will not stay silent.

I will not stop singing until my freedom is valid,

there’s a place to sleep soundly,

and my children won’t fear attending school.

I paint my eyes RED for justice of the blood spilled

from those who just wanted peace.

Stain my skin WHITE and dress as a man

to gain respect where it should be given.

Wear BLUE to change rules that should

have never been ignored from the very beginning.

Paint the House BLACK among every color

in the rainbow to bring equality into this world.

Justice is a silent prayer that will forever cling to lips

and hang through the air as the FLAG clings among lies.

One nation under God that we aren't allowed to talk about,

for justice to none and liberty to politicians willing to play the game.

I will not stop singing until my freedom is valid,

there's a place for everyone,

and the only thing that can be aimed at me

are words of the unspoken truths.

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