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Our Purpose Here on Earth

Why do we wake up each morning,

breathing in fresh air, at no cost,

when someone in the world is having a tube put down their throat

because they can no longer breathe on their own?

Why do we have a roof over our heads,

that shields us from the treacherous weather,

when there are homeless that surround the streets,

dying because there’s nowhere for them to go?

Why do we drink clean water,

and bathe in showers every day

to wash away the filth and muck,

when people in Uganda are poisoned from just one sip?

Why do we eat from spoons,

scooping food into our mouths giving our bodies nutrition,

when there are children that have never seen such a thing in their lives,

because they’re lucky enough to share a single piece of bread with their siblings?

Why do politicians praise equality and unity for all

when there are still people of color being shot,

by officers in blue as their cold blood runs out red,

just like me and you?

Why did my tumor shrink,

and blood disease start to drift away,

while 43 children are diagnosed with cancer every day,

dying, not able to see another day?

I don’t have these answers and probably never will.

There’s no way to know for sure why we breathe free air,

when someone in the world, is taking their last.

There’s no way to know why we’ve been blessed

with a house that keeps us safe,

while there are starving homeless dying from the cold and heat.

There’s no way to know why we drink purified liquid

when toxins pollute other countries,

making it impossible for them to feel refreshed.

There’s no way to know why we’re able to

feed ourselves with metal spoons

when there are children that barely see one meal a day.

There’s no way to know why we’ve come so far

living in a white male supremacy world,

when there are people of color and gender,

that are just as equal and qualified for the job.

And there’s no way to know why I had a miracle

when there are children that pass away everyday

leaving their parents and family in sorrow.

But I don’t think it’s our job to know,

maybe it’s not our right to even question it.

Our right is to Take Action.

Our right is to stop asking questions and standing by,

but to stand up and be the person to make changes.

Be the person to not take one breath for granted.

Be the person to give shelter to the ones that have nowhere to go,

even if it’s just a warm meal to fill their empty stomachs.

Be the person to conserve water and recycle,

making the ocean less polluted than it already is,

giving it a chance to be pure for the animals and people that live from it.

Be the person that doesn’t waste food,

being more considerate of the child that is

starving across the world and right next door.

Be the person to pull the first trigger,

but instead of a gun use your words,

and instead of bullets, load it with love and revolution,

taking your words, turning them into action for justice.

Be the person that cures cancer,

because no task is too small,

in this very short unfair life.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to do something now

because we can only count on today.

Don’t just talk about something,

you know is not right,

because it will just stay the same.

Don’t sit back and watch these things happen,

even though they bring you anger,

Take Action now, because now is all we have.

Now, is the time to make it count for the tomorrow

that is promised to the ones around us.

Our purpose here on earth may be unclear,

but the thing that is clear to see,

We’re here for a short period of time,

make it count and leave your footprint behind for all to see.

We won’t live forever but the differences that we make to each other,

will be passed down from generation to generation, forever.

It only takes one person to make a change in the world,

let that person be you,

get out there and Take Action now.

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