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Four Small Letters

It’s amazing how one four-letter word

can be more powerful than the deadliest weapon,

containing similar parts.

H is for the Holster,

where you store all the anger.

A is for the Ammo you

keep refilling without care.

T is for the Trigger you pull without thinking of the

damage, it may cause.

E is for the Excessive bleeding your victim

does after the crime is committed.

The only difference between the two is

that when a physical bullet hits your outer shell,

it seeps on the outside, staining the skin.

When words are used as bullets,

it aims straight for the heart causing internal bleeding,

no one can see, leaving a fake smile pretending everything is fine,

when in actuality they’re dying inside,

trying to repatch a hole that can never be bandaged twice.

However, there is an antidote for this cruel world,

also containing only four little letters.

L is for the Laughter you keep on standby

when someone is having a rough day.

O is for the One person it takes to

bring a genuine smile to a stranger’s face.

V is for Volunteering your time to not only be kind,

but to give back to the ones around you.

E is for Engaging with everyone you meet,

never knowing who is in need of a helping hand.

Life is no guarantee,

so instead of firing bullets,

which is the easiest thing to do,

Spread the antidote that we all have the power to give

and the right to receive.

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