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Every day I put a smile on my face

pretending everything is okay.

Laughing along,

better yet I’m the jokester at every party

Making people grin from cheek to cheek,

never realizing I’m crying underneath.

I’m a fun person to be around,

in other people’s happiness,

I’m always the clown,

never serious or have a frown.

It’s the only thing that fuels me to get out of bed,

because mine is already dead.

I fool them with my genuine smile

and charismatic ways,

Never letting them know,

I’m hurting more than they think.

There’s a monster that lives inside of me,

that comes out to haunt me when I’m alone,

the voices get louder and there’s no laughter to drown them away

I watch it taunt me, waiting for me to make my first mistake,

if I blink for one second the monster will win

and no one will see my act again.

I’m good at what I do,

I give people some type of joy

and they give me reasons to live a little bit longer.

I hope you watch my show,

because it’s a first come,

first serve and the monster took the front row.

When the monster comes to stay,

I hope everyone can remember

that my jokes were great.

But don’t let your monster subside,

then you're too late

and the acting job really wasn’t so great.

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